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The mantra to be festival ready and have a fail-proof preparation is to be well planned much ahead of time. As they say “Well planned is half done! “
I have made your life simpler by listing out the below sequence of steps to make sure all goes well without missing out anything. Festival preparation in corona times can be easy in some ways and difficult in others. for example with very few guests you won’t be slogging in the kitchen so much and venturing out for shopping is replaced by ordering things online. On other hand not be able to get the festive shopping vibe is one thing that we will miss terribly and also the activity of choosing and selecting items by touch and looks while wandering in the market. But let stop procrastinating and let’s begin!

I am categorizing the action steps under broader segments first and then digging deep into each task.

1. Festival Essential Ordering
2. Festival De-cluttering
3. Meal Prep
4. Festivity Prep
5. Fam-Jam Sessions & Gifting

Now let’s begin digging deep into this to fathom the areas that need special attention.
Festival Essential Ordering
Life story in 2020 has just revolved around ordering online and social distancing to keep the loved ones and ourselves safe. Now that festival months have arrived we should not let our spirits dwindle. In this section we need to list down all essential items that are required for the pooja, religious activities, decoration and clothes keeping social distancing during festivals in mind.
listing here:
1.Pooja items-preferably pooja boxes readily available online.
2.Decorations-lights, diyas, flowers, torans, malas etc. )
3. New clothes-looking great is not an option, it’s mandatory. lol 
4. Gifting- ordering online
5. Personalized Messages and e-cards plus calling in to say hello is a must.

Festival De-cluttering

If you are the ones who have a regular cleaning habit then Diwali deep cleaning won’t take much of your time. But, if you are the busy-bees with occasional cleaning and dusting habit, get ready to take a new avatar and do that intense deep cleaning. Festivals celebration with corona around is going to be tough. So take precautions of allergies (wear a mask) and immunity (drink and eat immunity-boosting food) while cleaning. Start with collecting your clean up arsenal and shoot!!! It’s best to choose sections of the house and thoroughly clean it up! The best idea is, to begin with, the kitchen and bathrooms. Keep handy your “DISCARD IT” bin for items no longer in use and eating unnecessary space. Some of these things which you may even choose to “give away” if in good condition but not being used. Clean windows, slide rails, cabinets, appliances, gas stove. Refrigerator cleaning is equivalent to a full space clean-up, so take it up separately. Even the washing machines need their regular tub clean option to be used so they are refreshed. Tiles, floor, wall and any other sections need a thorough wash and scrubbing with specific cleaning agents accordingly. Follow some amazing tips on stacking and storing from “the home edit” (https://www.instagram.com/thehomeedit/) and Marie condo’ Netflix series and social handles(https://www.instagram.com/mariekondo/). Inspires me a lot! Also if you are confused as to what electronics brands to invest in, try out www.GuideInPurchase.com

I especially loved their review on microwaves.

The living room is a representation of your living style, status, design quotient, preferences and affinities. Apart from cleaning and organizing, it also needs your eye for details. That rug, those frames…the ambience and the lighting… everything counts. I love to do a seasonal décor based on 4 major seasons keeping the colour palette relevant. Accordingly, you can update upholstery and décor items. Bedrooms are essentially the resting place and should be clutter-free year-round. Try to keep it in soothing tones and regularly dust the furniture, bedding, walls and lights. All the fans in all the rooms need special clean up. Try fitted bed sheets to keep a wrinkle-free bed. Again give lighting great importance as it relaxes your senses and moods. Do add a regulator based light to keep the brightness as per your choice.

Meal Prep

Fix a menu and decide what is to be going on your dining table and what on the snack table. Basically the various courses. Snacks can be prepared and stored in advance. Don’t keep all the cooking activities confined to the final day. Meal prep comes to play here! Do all the soaking, boiling, chopping and kneading a day in advance so what remains is the assembly which does not take so much time ideally. Consider doing safe ordering of sweets, nuts, food from vendors who take special care of COVID safe delivery.

So, you have ample time to get dressed and look great! Nobody wants to get overwhelmed with chores and sit with a grumpy face on the festival day!

Check out below websites for recipes and sweets;





FAM JAM Sessions
Organise an online family meet, meet and greet with friends and include Diwali specific games to set the mood right. Card games, tombola, song bola and multiple online interactive games on with zoom on. I am so thankful to www.digitaldeepak.com to get me this far in my digital learning during the lockdown, that I am able to write this post for you all. After all, festivals were all about families and friends until corona hit us. Nevertheless, we can make use of technologies and still feel the warmth of our loving families who may be far yet close to your heart.


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